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Chana Wise
Coming this Summer!
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It’s 1936; the golden age of Hollywood, and two rival movie studios are in a heated battle for survival when their opposing leading men fall in love. 
Produced by NMI Aug 1 - 31, 2014, No Ho Arts Center, North Hollywood

Book - ADRIAN BEWLEY        Music - JOE BLODGETT         Lyrics - CHANA WISE


A fast paced musical comedy of errors, blending quick tempers, sharp wit, 
romance and the golden age of Hollywood, with a little magic. 
For more information on Tinseltown Christmas, go to 

Tinseltown Christmas was produced by University of California, Irvine, December-2012

Book and Lyrics - CHANA WISE

“Blodgett and Wise give us one catchy tune and clever lyric after another…"

 Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA
BAGELS! - Finalist Neil Simon Playwriting Contest

For years, Ronny Kaplan has worked by his Father Izzy's side, helping him to achieve his lifelong dream; to invent the first automated bagel-making machine. But when Ronny alone comes up with a better design, and wealthy Cousin Howard offers to invest in it over his Father's original effort, not only does it cause a big family rift, but Ronny discovers that with a not-so-kosher business partner, an upset wife, and some angry bagel bakers stirring up trouble, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Inspired by a truly monumental event in history - the invention of the first automated bagel-making machine in the 1960's.

2014 Richard Rodgers Award finalist

Presented at 
2014 NAMT Festival

Book and Lyrics by
Chana Wise
Music by
Carl Johnson

Thirteen-year-old Mary Marie is bright, free-spirited, and surprisingly philosophical about her parents' 1920's divorce. In fact, she actually looks forward to observing and writing about all the other romances they will surely have now that they are no longer married. 

A timeless coming of age story of one teenager with two names, trying to find her place amidst her parents' expectations. For more information on go to
Broadway stars Mamie Paris, Emerson Steele, and Kevin Earley singing "For the Summer"
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As For Bagels (4:18)              Everybody's Gotta Have Bagels (3:26)        I Don't Want to Talk About  It  (1:53)                                        
Believe in Me   (2:56)             Three Things (5:27)                                      I'm Done (3:34)
a new musical

Lyrics by CHANA WISE

EARTHBOUND is a musical drama set on the space station Miami, where generations of inhabitants have looked longingly at the blue planet beneath them, awaiting their chance to go home. Now only seven remain, and not all of them want to keep waiting.

"...Nobody writes a sweetly wistful, romatic ballad like the composer-lyricist team of Jonathan Price and Chana Wise."

--Bill Raden, LA Weekly

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Ali Perkins singing "Some Other Mother"