Chana Wise
Aunt Rose arriving for Yom Kippur
"According to Aunt Rose", a song for which I penned the lyrics and Carl Johnson composed music, will be performed for the Kol Nidre Services for the Creative Arts Synagogue in Hollywood on Tuesday, Sept. 18. My dear friend, Art Podell has re-arranged the song for guitar and will be performing it will yours truly. Oi Vey!

If you're not observing Yom Kippur, you're not a member of the congregation, or are just too overwhelmed by fasting, here's the piano version of the song performed by Elise Dewsberry during her 60th birthday concert. (click at the left)

A Pop song? 
From a musical theatre writer?
Yep! Here it is! I wrote the lyrics. Music by Robert Intriligator. I dare you not to dance! For some reason the song is playing automatically. (!!!?@#$%) If you don't feel like dancing just hit the stop button below. I won't be offended.